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CF TAG Function Test Page
     General scripts that are useful and neat    General Scripts  
     MY general testing pages for servers & accounts    __test.cfm  
  < cfmail >    Email out from a web page    cfmail.cfm  
  < cfdocumnet >    This page should out put as a PDF    pdf_test.cfm  
  < cfgrid >    Display a grid of randdom data    cfgrid.cfm  
  < cfimage >    Different tests on the cfimage tag    Image Tests  
  < cfdirectory >    using the cfdirectory tag to view contents    cfdirectory  
  < cfhttp >    using the cfhttp tag connect to a URL    cfhttp.cfm  
  < cfform >    using the cfform tag    cfform.cfm  
  < cfform >    using the cfform tag    cfform-markup-test.cfm  
  #cgi# & #server#    Viewing and working with Server Variables    Server Info  
     Testing the session function for ColdFusion    Session Test  
     General scripts that are good when TESTING accounts    Testing Scripts  
     Testing error reporting. This page will produce a ColdFusion error    Error testing  
     A referance list of websites I have referanced    TAGS-URLS.cfm  
     How to force an SSL connection    Force SSL  
     Using cfimage to create a CAPTCHA    Captcha Image Test  
     Creating ARRAYS in ColdFusion    Arrays