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Testing Scripts


This is used to dump out all the variable information

<cfset A="This is a test variable" />
<cfdump var="#VAR_NAME#" label="NAME_OUTPUT" >

Example = This is a test variable

Here is an example with the sessions array.

<cfset A="This is a test variable" />
<cfdump var="#SESSION#" label="Current Session Information" >

Current Session Information - struct
sessionid FDAA83449B67E2B2D2621BB6D921B4A1.cfusion
urltoken CFID=25016862&CFTOKEN=7a1d4fe357fd9aca-577F65C3-F5D8-BF09-0278D290CA4E8E94&jsessionid=FDAA83449B67E2B2D2621BB6D921B4A1.cfusion