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PHP testing pages

  specific TAG   Test Page Function
     list.php  This bit of code will output the contents of the current directory
     regular_expressions.php  examples on how to write regular expressions
     info.php?a=phpinfo  Get the current php information
     mysql_test.php  Test connecting to a MySQL database using PHP code mysqli_connect
     _XXXXX_  _XXXXX_
  $_SESSION  session-test.php  Testing to see if information can be passed from page to page using sessions
  $_SERVER  server.php?a=server  Get the variables of your current server
  date() , time()  date-time.php  Outputting information related to date and time
  fsockopen  email-validation.php  Using FSOCKOPEN to verify an email address. May give false positives in the WCC environment.
  gethostbyaddr  dns-search.php  Do a DNS search ( IP , Domain Name ) and Who Is look up
  mail()  email_test.php  Sending a test email message using PHP and pre set values in the code.
  mail()  email-test-with-input.php  PHP mail script that uses a INPUT form.
  base64_(decode | encode)  /encode_decode.php  A script that will let you encode or decode anything that is BASE64. I then encoded the page itself in base64. You knoe.... Just Because